Best natural hair growth and lightning mask 
You will need:
bowl to cook water and  a small glass bowl which we will put in all the ingredients:
  • One table spoon  ginger powder
  • One table spoon honey
  •  One table spoon shea butter ( But it is possible to use any kind oils which you have)
  • One table spoon castor oil 
  •  Some drops Rosemarie and
  • Lavandula etheric oils

    Cook everything together, stir it and apply to both your hair and a your scalp , put plastic bag and a hat on your head. The best results you will get keeping it overnight.
  • I am washing it out using 3 times shampoo, because oils are difficult to wash out. 
  • Besides you will see some hairs falling out after mask-that will be  the old hair, instead of them is starting to grow new healthy hair.

Milda Raiskaite