New Title

!!!      I am moving out and about to spread my wings somewhere for the new adventures and selling all of my biggest paintings ( 120x100cm. and 100x 100 cm.) for 5000 nok each and all the rest  for 1500 -2500nok each.   
Shipping price is not included.

“ Hi! Thanks for dropping by!

My name is Milda Raiskaitė and i was born in 1987 in a small and very beautiful town sourrounded by nature in Lithuania.

Being immersed in the natural world, my senses were always open to experience Nature inside me. I’ve spent the last 9 years living in Norway. Walking in these forests, the connection has deepened further.

I have had 7 abstract art exhibitions, one of them in Oslo City Hall.

Painting is not just an expression of me- it is a part of my soul’s uniqueness. It is also about maintaining my awareness and being in a receptive mode to receive the codes of Mother Earth and Father Sky. I transform on the canvas through colours, shapes, and figures. It is about sharing and activating the feeling of love, creativity ,joy, abundance, freedom, playfulness, happiness and All of the wildest parts in ourselves!

I am here in the service to Mother Earth and my devotion is to be a clear vessel for Her ,for the Devine to work through me . Let these colours be Her words on my canvas, let these colours be Her voice guiding us days and nights so that with every small step we would choose ourselves, we would choose Love, our dearest Soul who is here to guide us back into the Source of Love our true Home.

  • Oslo, Oslo County, Norway