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Incense Creating

Abstract Painter Milda Rai

At the moment I live in the most magical place at a forest in Oslo. Everyday the misteries of the forest are helping me to open up more of myself and my creativity and I just completely enjoy living here and learning from the forest.


When I pick herbs I do that with gratitude and compassion, I get connection with each of the plants, be with it, feel it, and when I ask the best healing power to everybody who are going to drink my teas or use flower hydrosols or other gifts the forest is giving to me.


In the summertime I pick healing herbs and make teas from them, I do make flower hydrosols, natural face creams, and soups, smudge sticks and I just completely surround myself to Nature - she is my everything.


I do paint a lot - it is my passion too. It is a way to be here and now and just be playful with all the colours and myself. To live in a heart and from the heart - is my way of being. 

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