My name is Milda Raiskaite Szolar. I was born in 1987  in Lithuania where I got my Bachelor degree in Arts and Art Education.

Since my childhood I love painting and creating all kind of handmade crafts. The creativity and love is everything  to me. I believe that only then we create we can improve ourselves and grow as bigger and more mature humans. Creativity is not only the way  to express myself , but it is actually the way to find myself,  to understand who I am.

I took part in five art exhibitions with various artists and had already made my four personal abstract art exhibitions : one in Lithuania and three in Norway (Oslo).


Painting to me is like a journey to my home, it is  relaxation,  joy, happiness and fullfilment.  I can paint every day, I don‘t need any extra inspiration. I just take my brushes and I am on away to a trip to the beautiful universe where colours just sinking freely on the canvas.


Last two years besides painting I have started to make dolls from gips, dreamcathers, teas  and floral water for the all kind of skin types which have a lot of antioxidants.

When my friends are visiting  me,  I don‘t need to ask what kind of tea they would like to have, because my herbs starts to speak to me through my heart.I always trust my feeling what kind of herbs I should make for a certain person. Probably it is the only feeling which I have never doubt it.

I live in a magical forest in Oslo, next to the forest there is a beautiful park where I pick my herbs and feel so relaxed and fullfilled with joy, love and compassion. I have started to make floral water (hydrosols), which has many antioxidants, vitamin C, it makes the skin younger, more hydrated, it strengthens skin‘s vessels, gives vital healing features to the skin, and has so much healing power. All the herbs that I use are very pure because they grow in natural fields near the forest. I am so thankful that I have the possibiliy to make 100% pure floral water from which I can take full responsobility that it has healing power. Isn‘ t it  an amazing gift to us?                                        
With bigest love -Milda


Milda Raiskaite


SHOOT 24 x 42 cm. oil on  carton